how to root android 6.0.1 easily is just one click

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how to root android 6.0.1 easily is just one click
– If Are you an Android user ? Certainly you’ve heard or even once done root. There are lots of ways to do the cell root that can done, mostly how root can be done using application root android. Like } necessary information friends know , this root is Android cellphone.


Some ways to root android easily


how to root android 6.0.1 easily is just one click

There are three ways to Root an Android phone without a PC, starting with FrameRoot, Root Genius to KingRoot. Here’s the explanation:


How to root an Android phone with FrameRoot

Through FramaRoot, you can process the root of the cell enough through just one click. Tricks root cellphone with FramaRoot can be done by overtaking using this process.

  • First we download the FramaRoot application on the Google Play Store
  • after that we open the FramaRoot application, and we select Install SuperSU or Superuser according to your wishes
  • Later Aragorn and Gandalf’s choice will appear. Indeed, both of them are no different, please choose according to the wishes of many who are better off choosing Gandalf
  • After that, the root process will run immediately, wait until all processes are complete. Later a notification appears, the sign that you have successfully rooted
  • Then restart the Android phone, and make sure the SuperSU or Superuser application appears in the application list


How to root an Android phone with RootGenius

Overall, guide the root of the android phone with RootGenius not far different with the Framaroot application. For using the root application from RootGenius, there are several methods that must be done:


  • first we download the RootGenius application
  • After that we open the root android application that we downloaded earlier after that select the circle image.
  • Then will later appear, like the box that explains how to install this application, kiota do it according to the direction to install it
  • After that the thumb icon will appear, after that we change the king of users after you have finished rooting. Then the root process is complete.


How to root an Android phone with KingRoot

guide root Android Using KingRoot application there are many applying . maybe it could be spelled out if the KingRoot application is the root Android application the most popular for now .

  • Download the best root application, KingRoot
  • Next we immediately install the KingRoot root application
  • After that, you just click the check button in the KingRoot application, this application will start the checking process.Need to know whether the root execution method can be run or not.
  • If you can, then an Android smartphone, you can be rooted directly by KingRoot.


How to root an Android phone with a PC


How to root how to root android 6.0.1 easily is just one click
using a PC


How to root an Android phone with RootGenius

RootGenius is one of the root applications of Android phones for PCs. How to use it is also not much different from the version we root on Android. but, before we use this application we must turn off the anti-virus that is on our PC or computer.

  • First we first download the RootGenius application at
  • after that we install RootGenius on a computer or on a laptop
  • Next we connect the Android phone to the PC using a data cable. It is recommended to use an ORI data cable
  • Next, a notification “I receive User approval” will appear, and we click on “Root it”
  • And automatically the rooting process will take place
  • If you have finished pulling the data cable and open the menu on the Android smartphone, make sure there is an application called Kinguser.


How to root an Android phone with KingRoot


It must be familiar with the KingRoot application, we can do this application via PC. we can root the Android phone via a PC with just one click.

  • First we first download the KingoRoot application here
  • if we have installed KingoRoot on a computer or laptop
  • connect your Android and PC using a data cable and now we wait for the connectivity notification from KingoRoot
  • After the notification appears, immediately click “Root” and wait until the process is complete. Marked with rich “Root Finished” writing
  • When it is finished, unplug the data cable and open the menu on the Android smartphone, making sure there is one named Kingo Superuser


Strengths root Android

above we have discussed the functions and ways of root android using the android and or PC root application, here I will explain what are the advantages if we root

  • We can move data from internal to external. The function of moving this data can be one of the root advantages of Android. Especially for those of you who claim to be a gamer and in fact need a lot of memory space can certainly be a problem if the internal memory is small right.
  • Second, RAM optimization is more extensive. By booting the phone, you can get RAM optimization automatically which is set directly from the background. The application is famous for its automatic cleaning features one of which is greenify.
  • Third, the battery is far more efficient. Of course you can feel this advantage, even up to 40% more efficient depending on how far the optimization is done.
  • Fourth, performance tweaking. In this case it is usually done by editing or replacing the system settings in the root directory.
  • Fifth, you can freely delete the default application. Another advantage of booting a cellphone is removing the default application which basically cannot be deleted. This removal can be done directly or deleted with third party applications. However, you need to be careful because there are a number of default applications that can be damaged if deleted.


Well that’s what I can share to friends all about how to root android 6.0.1 easily is just one click
, if there are questions that all of you don’t understand, please ask in the comments column huh.

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